In Viet Nam, older people (aged 55+ years) have high rates of TB and a 20% increased risk of being missed by public-sector TB services compared to younger aged people.  This is often due to older people’s limited mobility and dependence on family members.

To facilitate access to chest X-ray and health services, FIT is supporting IRD VN in organizing 80 days of mobile chest X-ray screening in three districts of Ho Chi Minh City (District 12, Binh Chanh and Go Vap) using the “Double-X” algorithm. 

At each event, participants were invited to screen for TB by CXR and received a doctor’s consultation about their results.  Any person with an abnormal chest X-ray result was asked to provide a sputum sample for testing on Xpert. After the event, the CXR images were processed with CAD4TB v6 software, and anyone with an abnormality score of 70 or higher (abnormalities missed by the initial field read), and those who were unable to provide a spot specimen at the event, will have their sputum collected in the community by a healthcare worker.

In addition to the screening older people in Ho Chi Minh City, we also conducted TB elimination campaigns on Cu Lao Cham island off the coast of Hoi An and a ward of Cat Ba island in Hai Phong.  Islanders were tested for LTBI using tuberculin skin test (TST) and asked to complete the “Double-X” algorithm. People who tested negative for TB, but had a positive TST result were eligible for using the 3HR regimen (and 6H for children). Long-term follow-up is warranted to evaluate this strategy's potential for broader application and utility in bending the curve towards ending TB.